Realizing that Justice would never be achieved if waiting on the current government system to give it and knowing that is fully within the law to alter or abolish government and take independent political control of a city or territory, The Black Independence movement was initiated July 4, 2015 in Detroit, Michigan.

There have been two votes held in which thousands of people participated. The critical mass needed was hindered due to police intervention and media collusion with the current government which of course wants to remain in power.

We want 2019 to be the year we reach the critical mass needed to finally take independent control not only in Detroit but every Black city or area in America. On July 4, 2019 The People must stand up in their respective city in massive numbers to withdraw consent from current government and vote in an Independent government. Then all of the empty homes and assets of the city will belong to The People to benefit themselves therewith. Police forces will be dismantled and rebuilt and the convicted can have their charges dropped.

Black Independence is not a religious or any kind of membership organization, but is simply a movement to achieve Independence under the simple banner of “THE PEOPLE”. The law states that “ALL political power is inherent in THE PEOPLE” so all are welcome to participate.


Some of the participants at Black Independence Day 2015 in Highland Park (Heart of Detroit)
The People of Detroit voting for Independence July 4, 2018

Do you know that you can be separated from and not under the current government’s jurisdiction without leaving from where you currently live?

Do you know that all of the empty properties of a city belong to the people of that city who can attain them for free with correct lawful action?

Do you know that everyone incarcerated and charged with a crime can be freed or have charges dropped with this action?

Do you know that we can give ourselves reparations by leveraging the billions of dollars worth of assets owned by each city/The People?

Leaders or activist have been claiming to stand up for our rights but they fail to or outright ignore the number one right which will end all of the injustice!


We are calling on ALL black people in every city or town across the United States to join The People and withdraw their consent to corrupt government now then stand  up on July 4, 2019 to vote in an independent local government of The People in your city.

The Law Is On YOUR Side

One quick glance at international as well as local constitutional law and you will see that it is well within the rights of Black people to take independent political control of our cities with a simple democratic vote. Then we can give ourselves the economic and social Justice that we will NEVER get under the current government that we have consented to.

The Benefits Of Independence

Monetary reparations and free housing are two of the immediate benefits of becoming independent besides social justice in the form of eliminating police brutality and massive incarceration. Poverty crimes (drugs, theft, etc) and misdemeanors will be immediately pardoned.

Join The People Now!

I wish to withdraw my consent from current government and give power to The People.