1. People Ownership

  Instead of just in unpracticed principle, the city will now really be owned by The People. Every city resident will receive a beneficiary stock share in the city’s company The People which will take control and guide economic development in the city to benefit The People instead of greedy corporations.  Sectors such as water, electricity, and even food production will be in the hands of The People. Imagine the estimated $90 million spent on food per week, in Detroit for example, going to The People of the city instead of outside corporations. With this type of revenue and cooperative ownership of the city’s assets, every resident is an instant millionaire! 

2. Homes For Everyone

 The empty or abandoned properties of the city really belong to The People of the city, not the mayor, city council or any other officials who are working hand in hand with others to gentrify the city. The People will take back control of their properties and give a home to everyone who needs one. Tax foreclosures will also be suspended and those who were labeled “in default” will be allowed to keep or repossess their homes. 

3. Reparations / Monetary Grants to Everyone 

The city’s assets will be leveraged and adult residents will be given monetary grants up to $100,000 to refurbish properties and stimulate personal economy. The grant money will be structured so as to only be able to be spent within the local economy and industries controlled by The People. 

4. Criminal Charges Expunged / Prisoners Freed

 All non-violent (traffic, theft, narcotics, etc) charges will be expunged, clearing and releasing those facing conviction and those already convicted to be given a new chance within a better economic environment. Violent cases will be reviewed as the injustices of the previous administration is acknowledged.